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Air Lubricating System for the Davenport®                                                                                                                                 



Model B Revolving Head

U.S. Patent 5,205,376


Run your Spindles 20° F Cooler.

  • The Air Lube System creates a continuous positive air seal preventing foreign matter from contaminating the "heart of the machine".
  • Provides simultaneous lubrication to all five Outer Work Spindles and NP Solid Bronze Bearings.
  • Spindles will run 20° Cooler providing longer life for machine.
  • Air Lube System creates an air lube oil cushion for the Revolving Head, which virtually eliminates metal-to-metal contact guaranteeing years of unmatched performance.
  • The patented system automatically prelubricates the entire machine before start up.
  • The system air pressure is preset at approximately 80 PSI and requires 2-4 cubic feet of air/minute.                                                        
  • The Automatic Red Warning Light and Horn Alarm feature indicates low lube oil levels or loss of air pressure within the system.
  • Dimensionally, the Air/Lube Distribution Box is designed to fit into the same location as the Bijur reservoir to allow for easy installation and removal.
  • The clear polycarbonate front cover allows for easy visual inspection of oil levels. A single large diameter oil filler spout distributes oil to all three reservoirs to a total capacity of six quarts.
  • The 35 microns porous metal filters provide nine times greater filtration capacity to each of the three reservoirs than the previous lubrication system provided to the entire system.
  • A Low oil pressure switch monitors the lube oil filters to make sure they are not plugged up. The horn and red warning light will come on if they are plugged.
  • Electronic solenoid has been added to shut off the air pressure when machine is idle for more than 5 minutes; this prevents the machine from running out of lube oil if air feed is left on over night causing the machine run out of oil. This also stops the machine form using excess amounts of lube oil.
  •  A two-year warranty is given to cover the air lube system, spindles and heads.

We have approximately 80 AirLube systems out in manufacturing with no rebuilds for 10 to 16 years on some machines!




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