Davenport® Model B
Remanufacturing Choices

NOWAK is proud to present Remanufacturing choices. Featured is a "Completely Remanufactured Davenport® Model B" showcasing the Revolutioary "Air Lube System". The patented system automatically prelubricates the entire machine before start up. A positive air seal is created around the outside diameters of the NOWAK revolving head and all five outer work spindles, which are simultaneously lubricated. The "Air Lube System" inhibits the infiltration of foreign matter. This system will ensure that the revolving head and outer work spindle assemblies provide unmatched performance and longevity. Another revolutionary product available from NOWAK is the "Cycle Select Drive Package". This control panel design eliminates pulley changing and allows for a turnkey cycle select feature (N,45,60,75 cycle) with unique machine reverse feature. "Partial Remanufacturing" may also be an choice to consider. Contact NOWAK today for detailed information and pricing pertaining to Davenport® machine remanufacturing service Choices, revolutionary products and machine upgrades.

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