Partially Remanufactured Davenport® Model B

Work with us in rebuilding your machine for expedited delivery.
Leverage existing Davenport® maintenance and repair skills.
Ship us a stripped down frame and we can get the job done quickly.
Nowak will do the core rebuilding:
Frame preparation, boring, replacement of the heads, locating arm,
major Bushing groups, Lubrication (oil) Lines
Main Machine NP-MMOL, Stationary Head  NP-SHOL

and Lefthand Bracket Assembly repair are included.
Taylor Made Remanufacturing

See below or contact Nowak today for all the details



Nowak® Line Boring Process – Work Order Summary – Davenport Serial Number:______

Clean & Paint Machine Frame & Component Parts

Line Bore Machine Frame and Install New Oversize Revolving Head. (NP-8-SA-OS)
Install New Oversize Stationary Head & Pin. (NP-9-27-OS) & (NP-778-O/OS/OSM)

Service includes indication and alignment of all spindle bore locations in both the Oversize Revolving & Stationary Heads

Install Bijur Lubrication Lines, Metering Units, & Junction Boxes for Stationary Head Cap (NP-SHOL)

Install Bijur Lubrication Lines, Metering Units, & Junction Boxes for Main Machine (NP-MMOL)
Additional cost

Repair Main Casting
Bore, Sleeve & Rebush for Spindle Change Gear Shaft (R-626-A-1), and Drive Shaft (R-651-A-5)
Install new shafts; (NP-651-A-5) Drive Shaft, (NP-626-A-1) Spindle Change Gear Stud , bearings and bushings. Install new Compound Gear (NP-MB-41), Gear (934) & Nut (945)

Install two Stud Collars (132), two Tool Arm Studs (NP-627), four Tool Arm Stud Washers (NP-696), two Tool Arm Nuts –Thick (NP-687-1), two Tool Arm Nuts –Thin (NP-687-2), and two Front/Rear Tool Arm Bushings (NP-5540-154)

Install new Front Cross Slide Assembly with Wear Plate (NP-5080-62-P-SA) & New Rear Cross Slide Assembly with Wear Plate (NP-5080-63-P-SA)

Inspect (NP-5080-400-3-INSP) and Repair Left Hand Bracket Assembly (NP-5080-400-3-1-S)

Replace Left Hand Bracket Assembly (NP-5080-400-3-1-SA) Additional cost

Replace Locating Lever Arm (NP-5080-34-1) and two fittings (844-8)

Install and Fixture Aligment Taper Ream Bushings (NP-368-1) and (NP-368-2)

Replace Eccentric Bushing (NP-5080-196), Locating Lever Stud (NP-624-1), Fastener (NP-837-14 -18)
and Locating Lever Block (NP-729), Fasteners two (834-A-14-32)

Replace Locating Cam Lever (NP-5080-35-1), Cam Lever Screw (NP-5080-35-1-S), Cam Lever Screw Bushing (NP-5080-35-SB), Cam Lever Set Screw (NP-5080-35-SS), Locating Lever Roll/Pin (NP-5080-36/37)

Install and Indicate Burring Spindle
Includes Outer Burring Spindle (NP-1263-10), Burring Spindle Front Box (NP-335-RS), Spindle Thrust Bearing Nut (NP- 639-1), and Rear Bushing Burring Spindle

Repair Cam Carrier Bracket (5080-43-SA)
Install New Bushings (NP-5080-333-1/NP-5080-43-FB), and line ream bushings.

Include new Revolving Head Thrust Adjusting Ring (NP-MC-2124), and Revolving Head Ring Pin (NP-MC-2125) with shipment.

Ship four pieces Tool Spindle Assembly (NP-623-SA) with the machine. Indicate and remove. Ship inside crate with the machine.

Take the opportunity to review Partial Remanufacturing potential with Nowak.
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