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History in the Making

At Nowak Products, Inc, we're proud of our heritage and hope to become your consistent source for Davenport and Acme Machinery parts for your business. Here is a look at where our family history and how we came to be the premier supplier for Davenport and Acme machinery.

  •  Founder Florian (Jack) Nowak born November 25, 1921 in Lionia Michigan.
  • 1940's -- Enlisted United States Air Force, Crew Chief & Propeller Specialist on C-47's & C-46's transport planes.
  • 1950's -- Moved to Connecticut, married soul mate, worked for screw machine companies, and finally established his own business with 4 screw machines.
  • 1960's -- Built 5,000 square ft. facility in Berlin Connecticut, for growing company with 20 screw machins. Customers included IBM, EIS Automotive, and Robert Shaw Controls.
  • 1970's -- Fisrt Patent on Wedge Chuck (NP-100-A) derived from Davenports Ball Chuck, improvement of performance, longevity, and less downtime, installed on all machines.
  • 1980's -- Business transformed from a job shop to a Manufacturer of Nowak to improve screw machine replacement products. Next patent was for self releasing brake (NP-600-I and NP-600-B) for the Davenport screw machine.
    • Company moved and built a 12,500 square ft. facility in newly developed Industrial Park of Newington Connecticut.
    • Took Technology from Nowak Wedge Chuck and designed new concepts and enhanced them to develop the Acme Wedge Chuck Line, which incurred several new patents.
  • 1990's -- Addition of 13,500 swuare ft. to existing building to welcome an accommodating full capacity Davenport Screw Machine Rebuilding Department, Shipping and Stocking Department, and warehousing of surplus machines, attachments, and inventory Developed Stationary & Oversized Revolving Heads, key components in a rebuilt machine.
    • Ability to bore the frames of machines and grind customer specific tolerances of both heads to align perfectly, and ship product in a 48 hour lead time, OEM can not do this.
    • Continued on various machine enhancements and improvements, which has included an Air Lubrication System, Strainer Cleaner (Filtration Device), and Cycle Select Drive Package.
  • 2000 & Beyond -- Continuous improvement of Nowak manufacturing capabilities to foster additional product development of standard Davenport replacement parts. The logical extension of the Wedge concept lead to the invention of "Wedge Threading" a major improvement in function and longevity for the screw machine. Various safety compliance options were intregrated in the Nowak Rebuilding Program. To date Nowak had developed 28 patents for improvement on Screw Machines.

  • On June 6, 2008 -- we lost our beloved founder Florian (Jack) Nowak, who left behind a legacy of knowledge, insight, and inspiration to carry on his name. Nowak Product Inc. is poised to offer our experience to serve the Davenport and Acme Screw Machine user into the new Millenium!
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