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Lubrication Instructions for Nowak Acme Wedge Chuck Assemblies:

The Acme Wedge Chuck Assembly is a prelubricated unit for low maintenance. Removal of the assembly from the machine is NOT necessary for periodic lubrication. Annual lubrication of each unit is recommended. To lubricate the chuck, use the following procedure. Tools required for lubrication are NP-7548-Z, Lube Applicator; NP-28, Wedge Chuck Lubricant (16 oz. can); NP-30, Lube Applicator Nozzle and 1/16" Hex Key.

Example Unit NP-1000 Wedge Chuck Assembly for 1" Acme-Gridley.

1. Turn off machine and make sure chuck is in CLOSED position.

2. Locate and remove Plug Screw (NP-500) with 1/16" hex key.

4. With the unit in closed position, pump lubricant into Plug Screw hole until it begins to show between Outer Housing (NP-1000-2) and Pressure Collar (NP-1000-1).
Remove Plug Screw
3. Fill Lube Applicator(NP-7548-Z) with Wedge Chuck Lubricant (NP-28) and place nozzle (NP-30) into tapered plug screw hole. 5. Replace Plug Screw and repeat procedure on each unit.

Replace Plug Screw

Wedge Chuck Lubrication Chart by Part Number: Approximate Volume

Part Number
# Full Pumps with NP-7584-Z/Unit
0.8 oz.
4 pumps/unit
1.2 oz.
6 pumps/unit
1.2 oz.
6 pumps/unit
1.6 oz.
8 pumps/unit
2.0 oz.
10 pumps/unit
2.0 oz.
10 pumps/unit
2.0 oz.
10 pumps/unit

***Lubrication frequency and volume may vary with application***

NOTE: If Wedge Chucks are removed from spindles for collet changes, new set-up, mandatory machine maintenance or any other reason, DO NOT DISASSEMBLE units for lubrication. Follow the steps listed above or contact Nowak.

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