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New Nowak Designed Davenport Screw Machine

Friday, October 24, 2014

We are proud to present our remanufactured Davenport Model B with major innovations.

  1. Nowak Products Revolutionary Air Lube System
    The patented system automatically prelubricates the entire machine before start up. A positive air seal is created around the outside diameters of the Nowak revolving head and all five outer work spindles, which are simultaneously lubricated. The Air Lube System inhibits the infiltration of foreign matter. This system will ensure that the revolving head and outer work spindle assemblies provide unmatched performance and longevity. Ask at our WESTEC 2008 Booth (3909) to see our first Air Lube system head that has been running for 10 years!!!!
  2. Another Revolutionary product available From Nowak Products is the Cycle Select Drive Package. This control panel design eliminates pulley changing and allows for a turnkey cycle select feature (N, 45,60,75 cycle) with unique machine reverse feature. The fourth position variable cycle select option enables the operator to program a specific motor R.P.M. into the drive to meet the special requirements of a difficult job. The Jog Cycle permits exact positioning of the revolving Head during stockup and setup operations. The Reverse key switch is a unique machine option that gives the operator the ability to back up the machine in the event of a problem. The Cycle Select Drive package eliminates the costly downtime associated with changing various cycle pulleys. The Sensitive motor overload feature shuts down the main drive motor almost immediately whenever it senses a large power surge, as is the case when a machine or tool related failure occurs.
  3. Newly designed Sound Enclosure help meet OSHA sound and oil mist Requirements.
  4. Touch screen on swing arm that informs operator of warnings and operations.
  5. Electro-pneumatic system to control, Cut off failure, Mechanical Cam Shaft Declutch and brake, remote feed start and stop, out of stock detection, Parts production piece counter by shift or job,
  6. Additional safety features, MB-9 shaft guard, HSC Shaft Guard and Door interlocking system.
  7. High capacity Coolant pump and Nowak Products strainer cleaner system
  8. Nowak Products Locking adjusting nuts and wedge chucks
  9. Barrymount leveling pads
  10. Optional interface with computer systems to track production rates and machine diagnostics

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