Assembly Instructions

1. Slide the Wedge Wear Ring onto the Inner Sleeve with the radius on the Wear Ring facing up.

2. Match key on Inner Sleeve with keyway in Outer Housing and insert.

5. Slide Pressure Collar Assembly onto Inner Sleeve. Remember that "flats" on Rotation Lock must be parallel to fit into machined slot in the Inner Sleeve.

3. Replace Matched Set of Wedges

NOTE: Be sure angle of wedge is facing radius on Wear Ring.

6. Tighten Button Head Screw

NOTE: The screw must go through the hole in the Inner Sleeve.

4. Insert Rotation Lock and partially thread Button Head Cap Screw. Position Rotation Lock to allow hex to fit into machined slot on Inner Sleeve. Replace Holding Pins.
7. Replace Clamp Screw. Remove Plug Screw and lubricate unit. Use lubrication chart for frequency and unit volume.