The Assembly is designed for low maintenance. Standard lubrication can be performed without removinh the unit from the spindle. Lubrication instructions are included with each unit. If further inspection is required, please reference the following instructions. Call us for more specific technical information, or to arrange for FREE Inspection service and evaluation.

Disassembly Instructions

1. Place unit on bench and remove clamp screw with hex key.
3. Remove Pressure Collar from assembly by lifting it up off the Inner Sleeve. When the Pressure Collar is separated from the assembly, remove the Rotation Lock and Holding Pins.

2. Position unit with Pressure Collar facing up. Use hex key to remove Button Head Cap Screw from Rotation Lock.

NOTE: THE NP-716 Acme Wedge Chuck Assembly has a rotation pin instead of a rotation lock. Contact Nowak for proper removal instructions.

4. Remove the Matched Set of Wedges from the assmebly. The Inner Sleeve is keyed to the Outer Housing. If removal is necessary, gently slide the Inner Sleeve up out and out of the Outer Housing.

NOTE: Do not intermix sets of matched wedges