New Products

Part No. Description
NP-5080-226-108 Threading Shaft Extended Bed
NP-5080-250-2-CSK Chuck/Feed Slide Guide - CSK (Old Style - NOWAK Improved fastening)
NP-5080-250-2-HC Heli-Coil
NP-5080-126-15-SA-E Feed Shear Pin Assembly - Exchange Gear
NP-5080-126-15-SA-N Feed Shear Pin Assembly - New Gear
NP-5080-126-16 Hub
NP-5080-126-15-E Gear - Exchange
NP-5080-126-15-N Gear - New
NP-5540-96 Bushing - Bronze

Bushing - Hard

NP-5080-126-19 Shear Pin
NP-2183-12-14 Collar Screw - 5/16-18 X 7/8
NP-2794-2-SA Setting Block gauge Assembly
NP-2794-2 Gauge Body Long
NP-2794-2-1 Gauge Body Short
NP-459 Front Tool Arm
NP-459-SA Front Tool Arm Assembly
713-1 Circular Tool Adjusting Worm (.375)
716-2 Adjusting Tool Plate
717-2 Tool Arm Plate
719 Circular Tool Clamp
5080-375 Retainer
NP-836-8-8 J-40 X 1/2 LG. Flat Head Screw
NP-838-B-6-4 3/16 RD X 1/4 LG Brass Pin
NP-838-SP-8-6 Pin: Spring .250 Dia. x .375
NP-1263-133 Spindle Aligning Gear Hub
NP-207-S-32-DI Top Plate - Dual Idler
NP-2490-5 Cutch Gear
NP-5621-1 Adjusting Nut  (Driving Clutch)
NP-2485-5 Roll Stud - Spindle Stopping Clutch
NP-5072-8 Thrust Nut
NP-2486-2-P Clutch Body Pin
NP-5080-329-18A Lever Pin - Chip Conveyor
NP-2485-4 Roll - Spindle Stopping Clutch
NP-2485-6 Roll Spacer - Spindle Stopping Clutch
NP-1263-105 Spindle Gear Nut
NP-5080-26-3 Cam Carrier Nut
NP-5080-47-13 Front Cam Carrier Nut
NP-2489 Clutch
NP-2489-R Clutch - Repair
NP-710-P Phenolic Brake Drum
NP-5080-183-1 Handwheel Shaft
NP-SNP-PUMPS Serial Number Plate - Pumps
NP-5080-75-1 Locating  Cam
NP-119-2 Hand Wheel - Solid
NP-207-S-GC Gear Cover (OPTIONAL)
NP-207-S-GC-SS Gear Cover Set Screw
NP-834-1-8 Slot Head Screw J-40 X 1/2
NP-2250-120-PP Plastic Face PP
NP-5080-86-4 Threading Clutch Cam
NP-5340-59-S Front Turnbuckle Link Pin - Safety
NP-196-35-M-SA Mechanical Cam Shaft Declutch And Brake - Manual
NP-196-35-SA Mechanical Cam Shaft Declutch And Brake
NP-1263-93 Point Set Screw -.53 OAL
NP-1263-93-1 Point Set Screw -.43 OAL
NP-5080-24-4 1/2 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-11 7/16 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-14 5/16 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-15 13/32 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-85-DWSS Quick Index Clutch Cam - DWSS
NP-M38 1/4-24 Tap
NP-5080-85 Quick Index Clutch Cam
NP-5080-24 1-3/8 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-13-G Revolving Head Cover Front
NP-5080-91-G-1 X slide Oil Guard
NP-641-2 Chuck Adjusting Nut
NP-MB-226-TSN Torque Stud Nut
NP-5080-294-NSD No Slip Disk
NP-1575 Key 3/16 X 5/8 X 1-7/8 (for 4th pos slide)
NP-843-7-38 Key 3/16 X 5/8 X 2-3/8 (for 4th pos slide)
NP-5080-131-PADS Set Of 4 Wear Plates (for NP-5080-131-WP)
NP-838-SP-6-8 3/16 X 1/2 Spring Pin
NP-843-2-6 3/16 X 3/16 X 3/8 Key
NP-5080-110-1 Driving Gear Bushing
NP-5080-131-WP  Roll Clutch Body WP
NP-5080-226-47 Ball Bearing Retainer Nut
Locking Adjusting Nut And Wrench
Lock Bolt Wrench
Locking Adjusting Nut
Lock Bolt
1875 Roll Pin 1/2
1875 Roll Pin 1-1/2
NP-MB-226-2-4 Adjusting Sleeve (standard  - ball threading)
NP-5080-226-46 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-MB-226-160-4 Steel Ball .3438 Dia.
NP-MB-226-6 Adjusting Nut
NP-5080-226-32 Threading Clutch Gear 28T
NP-5080-226-43 2" Threading Clutch Gear 16T (STANDARD)
NP-5080-226-43-1 1" Threading Clutch Gear 16T (OLD STYLE)
NP-MB-226-5 Threading Clutch Sleeve Nut
NP-MB-226-10-1 Shifting Sleeve Bushing - Long
NP-MB-226-W Threading Wedge Set
NP-MB-226-2-4-W Adjusting Sleeve
NP-5080-226-40 Shifting Sleeve Nut (.188 Wide)
NP-MB-226-8 Shift Sleeve Nut (.288 Wide)
NP-MB-226-160-2 Clutch closing Ring
NP-MB-226-10 Shifting Sleeve - Long
NP-MB-226-9 Shifting Sleeve - Short
NP-MB-226-160-3 Clutch Collar
NP-5080-226-36-1 Threading Center Bushing
NP-623-44 Tool Spindle Long Bed
NP-2102-13-SA O/S Outer Spindle W/ Needle Brg. (13-76)
NP-MB-226-4 Threading Clutch Sleeve
NP-5080-140-2 End Worm Drive Shaft - Short
NP-5080-390 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-5080-122 Idler Shaft
NP-1232-75-8-5 Center Drive Shaft - New Style
NP-MB-226-9-1 Shifting Sleeve Bushing - Short
NP-1232-66-4-2-CS Revolving Head Drive Shaft (Clear Shoulder)
NP-1232-66-4-2 Revolving Head Drive Shaft
NP-5080-226-42-1 Threading Clutch Shaft
NP-130-53 Independent Stop Block
NP-623 Tool Spindle
NP-1263-10 Outer Burring Spindle
NP-1263-10-12 Outer Burring Spindle No Holes
NP-CB2521T Motor Conversion Base
NP-1232-75-9-1 C-Washer
NP-5080-226-49-SA Threading Shaft Assembly
NP-5080-102-3 Rear Cross Slide Rod
NP-5080-226-49-8 Threading Shaft Collar
NP-MH-100-34-N Rapid Start Bearing Without Threads for New Standard or Oversize Outer Spindles
NP-848-B Block (848-W)
NP-603 Wire Case Carrier Support Roll Pin
NP-1266-10-1 Plate
NP-25 Wire Carrier Support Roll
NP-1263-121-2 Ejector Rod Lock Nut
NP-2098-SA-100-T Std. (9/16") Outer Spindle w/Threaded Rapid Start Bearing
NP-2098 Outer Spindle
NP-834-A-RS Recess Stop
NP-843-4-16 1/4 X 1/4 X 1 Key
NP-5080-139-1 Rear Worm Drive Shaft - Long
NP-5080-139-2 Rear Worm Drive Shaft - Short
NP-5080-54-SA 1st & 2nd Position Cam Levers
NP-5080-69 Front Cam Shaft - Long
NP-5080-74 Front Cam Shaft
NP-5080-23-2 Tool Spindle Cam Carrier
NP-2102 Oversize Outer Spindle
NP-2102-SA-100-T Oversize Outer Spindle W/ Threaded Rapid Start Bearing
NP-5080-22-10-NB Cam Shaft Needle Bearing
NP-5080-22-10 Cam Shaft
NP-626-A-1 Spindle Change Gear Stud
NP-651-A-5 Drive Shaft
NP-5080-389 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-5080-389-BS Ball Bearing Retainer Bronze Sleeve
NP-639-1 Spindle Box Nut
NP-5298 Retaining Cam Stud
NP-5080-70 Front Cam Shaft Bolt
NP-5080-27 Tool Spindle Cam Shaft Bolt
NP-5080-267-3 Outer Support Slide Rod
NP-5172-5 Outer Support Slide Rod - Short
NP-2186-SA Tool Post Stop Assembly
NP-1263-1-1 5th Position Cam Lever (burring spindle)
NP-5080-381-8 Center Wire Case Carrier 1 3/8"
NP-5080-381-9 Outer Carrier 1 3/8"
NP-5080-382-8 Inner Head Carrier 1 3/8"
NP-HT 87-137 Complete Hush Tube Assembly (Standard Size) 10'
NP-HT 93-137 Complete Hush Tube Assembly (Oversize Size) 10'
NP-HT 87-137EC Hush Tube End Cap (Replacement - Standard Size)
NP-HT 93-137EC Hush Tube End Cap (Replacement - Oversize Size)
NP-HT 87-137L Hush Tube Liner Only (Replacement - Standard Size)
NP-HT 93-137L Hush Tube Liner Only (Replacement - Oversize Size)
NP-5080-2217 Chuck Lever Extension