Air Lubricating System
for the Davenport® Model B

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Parts List

NP-2250-ALS-SA Air Lubrication System For Davenport® Model B
NP-A-2835 Straight Tubing Adapter Body
NP-B-3841 Low Pressure Gauge (0-30 PSI)
NP-B-4582 High Pressure Gauge (0-100 PSI)
NP-B-5768 15" Long Flex Line
NP-E-7-1 Oil Hole Seal
NP-E31 Flashing Light
NP-E32 Horn
NP-E33 Horn Gasket
NP-E36-4 Female Reducer
NP-E37-4 Sealing Fitting
NP-E38 LTSR Connector
NP-M10-8 HexFlange Screw (1/4-20 X 1) Replaces NP 2250-180
NP-5C-25-CP 5/32" Copper Tubing
NP-MH-100-ALSA Front Box (Air Lube)
NP-2098-ALS-SA Std. (9/16") Outer Spindle w/ Front Box (Air Lube)
NP-2102-ALS-SA Over Size Outer Spindle w/ Front Box (Air Lube)
NP-834-10-14 1/4-24 x 7/8" Fillister Head Screw
NP-2446-156104CU-29 Low Pressure Copper Tube (29" Length)
NP-2446-32 Sleeve
NP-2446-33 Nut
NP-2446-34 Bushing
NP-2446-35 Seal Plug
NP-2446-36 Adapter
NP-2250-10 Air Box-Casting
NP-2250-20 Bolt Circle End Cap
NP-2250-30 Front End Cap
NP-2250-40 Filter Element
NP-2250-50-U Filter Assembly Universal
NP-2250-70 Fill Neck
NP-2250-80 Fill Cap
NP-2250-80-PG Fill Cap Pressure Gage
NP-2250-90 Fill Cap O-Ring Seal
NP-2250-100 Ball Valve
NP-2250-110 O-Ring (Seal Filter And Base of Fill Neck)
NP-2250-120 Plastic Face
NP-2250-120-PP Plastic Face PP
NP-2250-130 Bracket Set
NP-2250-140 Lube Block Air Box
NP-2250-150 Lube Block Belt Housing
NP-2250-160 Lube Block Revolving Head
NP-2250-170 Lube Block Interconnector
NP-2250-190 10-32 x 3/8" Button Head Screw
NP-2250-210 Top Cover
NP-2250-215 Top Cover Seal
NP-2250-220 Back Cover Long
NP-2250-225 Back Cover Short
NP-2250-230 Optional Filter
NP-2250-240 4-40 x 1/2" Button Head Cap Screw
NP-2250-250 Valve Clevis
NP-2250-270 Rear Control Unit
NP-2250-280 Front Control Unit
NP-2250-290 Terminal Strip (Air Box)
NP-2250-300 10-32 x 1/4" Button Head Cap Screw
NP-2250-305 Solenoid Valve (component of NP-2250-330)
NP-2250-306 Coil (component of NP-2250-310 and or NP-330)
NP-2250-310 Solenoid Valve W/ Coil Complete (main air off)
NP-2250-320 Solenoid Valve (component of NP-2250-310)
NP-2250-330 Solenoid Valve W/ Coil Complete (cyclic high pressure lubrication on)
NP-2250-340 Solenoid Valve Bracket
NP-2250-350 Tag
NP-2250-355 Tag - Psi- Set
NP-2250-360 1/8" MPT x 1/8" FPT Street Elbow
NP-2250-370 1/8" MPT x 3/4" Close Nipple
NP-2250-375 Hose Barb 90 DEG Elbow
NP-2250-380 Pressure Switch
NP-2250-390 1/8" FPT Brass Tee
NP-2250-395 Low Pressure Switch
NP-2250-410- 1/4" Poly Flow Tubing
NP-2250-420 1/8" MPT X 1/4 Tube 90 DEG Elbow
NP-2250-430 1/8 MPT X 1/4 Tube Connector
NP-2250-440 Pressure Regulator Air
NP-2250-445 Pressure Regulator Oil
NP-2250-460 Mounting Bracket Air Regulator
NP-2250-470 Aluminum Panel Nut
NP-2250-480 Float Switch (Three Per Assembly)
NP-2250-520 Mounting Bolt Insert
NP-2250-525 Mounting Bolt Insert O-Ring
NP-2250-530 Replacement Filter (Optional Filter)
NP-2250-600 Wall Mounting Bracket (Optional Filter)
NP-2250-710 Solid State Timer (OFF - ON Recycling)
NP-2250-720 Solid State Relay (Normally Closed)
NP-2250-730 Air Lube Wiring (AC) Diagram
NP-2250-800 Cable (10' length)
NP-2250-810 Soft Shell Cab Receptacle
NP-2250-820 Soft Shell Cab Socket
NP-2250-830 Soft Shell Box Plug
NP-2250-840 Soft Shell Box Pin
NP-2250-850 Cable Assembly (Air Box)
NP-2250-860 Cabinet Cable Assembly
NP-2250-870 Terminal Strip (Control Cabinet)
NP-2250-880 Plastic Sleeve
NP-2250-890 Brass Nut (Hex)


Air Lubricating System Obsolete Parts

NP-2250-385 Boot  
NP-2250-610 Time Delay Relay
$ 125.00
NP-2250-620 8 Pin Relay Socket
$ 12.00
NP-2250-710 Solid State Timer (OFF - ON Recycling)
$ 86.00
NP-2250-711 Vtp On (Time Minutes)
$ 24.00
NP-2250-712 Vtp Off (Time Seconds)
$ 24.00
NP-2250-55 Filter Assembly Rear Head Boss
$ 135.00
NP-2250-20-50-56 Back End Cap (1/8 NPT Pressure Port)
$ 60.00
NP-2250-20-55 Back End Cap (5/16 UNS Pressure Port)
$ 60.00


Instructions for ALS-SA

This Air Lube System requires a ¼ I.D. diameter airline to the ball valve with dry air from an air dryer. Any moisture in the air can damage the Lube System and Davenport machine. It may be necessary to provide a coalescing filter if the air dryer does not prove to be efficient enough. (Call Nowak for pricing on current filter used)

The minimum supplied Air Pressure is 80 P.S.I.
2-4 cubic feet per minute of shop air is required to run the Air Lube System.

If the machine has been shutoff with the disconnect. Do not turn machine on until the following instructions in steps 1 and 2 have been completed.

1) Check the gage on the fill cap to make sure there is no air pressure in the tank.
Unscrew the cap and fill the tank with MOBIL DTE-26, SHELL TELLAS 68, or
2) Screw the cap back on and make sure the manual air valve is turned on.
The ALS automatically pre-lubricates all five revolving head spindles and all
3) Turn the electrical control selector switch to jog. Push the green buttons in & out. This should turn on the Air Lube System. The horn and light will sound for a second or so and should go off. If horn and light doesn't, do not run the machine to manufacture parts. If horn and light does go off, check the four Bijur pressure gages that should read according to their tags. The 80 lb. Gage should stay on for about 20 seconds and shut off for 20 minutes. The ALS automatically pre-lubricates all five revolving head spindles and all shafts.
4) If the horn and strobe light stay on you will need to check the following things:

1. Low Air pressure below 80 lbs. (Check gage on top of fill cap)
2. Low oil in one of the tank chambers or all chambers
3. The filters are plugged, Check the 12-15 PSI Gage to see if there is pressure.
4. If the filters are plugged please call NOWAK PODUCTS 1-800-423-0970
5. We have an Exchange Program for the Air Lube Box. If you are using the wrong oil we can discuss the correct oil to stop the filter problems. Once these filters plug up they cannot be cleaned. They must be replaced. The Air Lube System filters are the same micron as the Bijur restrictor's porous metal filters. The Air Lube System will save the machine Bijur lube system from contaminants, but all restrictors need to be checked to make sure lube oils are getting to the correct locations.
6. On certian control systems The Air Lube has a unique feature that allows it to use less oil than the standard Bijur system. If the machine is not run for about five minutes the Lube System shuts down. When you restart the machine it automatically starts the Lube System.

This system described is the basic Air Lube System. Some have more features than others. Always call Nowak Products if you are having any problems with the systems. The Air Lube System can also be adapted to almost any machine tool or machining centers that require this type of lube system.
Call NOWAK PRODUCTS for more details. 1-800-423-0970

For electrical schematics on the lube system click here => NP-2250-730

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