Cam/Mechanical Brake Assemblies & Component Parts

NP-600-B Cam/Mechanical Bronze Brake Assembly
NP-600-I Cam/Mechanical Iron Brake Assembly
NP-700 Bronze Brake Band
NP-710 Iron Brake Drum
NP-710-P Phenolic Brake Drum
NP-720 Brake Cam & Pos. Return Cam Pin
NP-725 Positive Return Cam Pin
NP-730 Connecting Rod
NP-745 Conical Shoulder Nut
NP-750 Reversing Strap
NP-760-N Jam Nut
NP-765 Reversing Strap Conversion Kit
NP-770 Iron Brake Band
NP-775 Bronze Brake Drum
NP-780 Clevis
NP-790 Iron Brake Band and Bronze Drum
NP-800 Eccentric
NP-800-3rd Eccentric for 3rd Position Burr Attach
NP-840 10/32 X 3/8" Allen Cap Screw
NP-850 Washer

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Installation Instructions for NP-600-I (Cam/Mechanical Iron Brake Assembly) and NP-600-B (Cam/Mechanical Bronze Brake Assembly)

Installation of both styles brakes are identical with the following exceptions:

This is explained in further detail later in the instructions


  1. Remove Davenport brake when machine is just starting into work cycle after high speed index

  2. Working with the NP-600-I or NP-600-B, REMOVE from Connecting Rod (NP-730):
    a. Jam Nut (NP-760-N)
    b. Conical Shoulder Nut (NP-745)
    c. Reversing Strap (NP-750)

  3. OIL all moving parts of brake before continuing or severe damage to the brake will result

  4. Place Clevis Assembly (NP-780) into saddle of Cam Carrier Bracket (NP-5080-43)

    CAUTION: Be sure Bijur Lube Line does not run through where Clevis will rest in saddle of casting. If necessary, reroute lube line so Clevis will sit flat in saddle of Cam Carrier Braket

  5. Slide Brake Drum (NP-710) and Brake Band (NP-700) on to Cam Shaft (5080-22-10). Brake band has a lip on it to maintain proper alignment. DO NOT REMOVE THIS LIP.

  6. Rotate Brake Band counterclockwise on to the Connecting Rod (NP-730) until it rests in the grooves at the top of Clevis (NP-780)

  7. With pin facing outward, slide Brake Cam (NP-720) on to Cam Shaft

  8. Hook reversing strap (NP-750) into opening at rear of Change Gear Box (5080-137) and rotate clockwise on to Connecting Rod

  9. Twist Conical Shoulder Nut (NP-745) on to connecting rod

    NOTE: The Conical Shoulder nut must go THROUGH the Reversing Strap and seat itself in the conical surface at the top of the Brake Band. The Reversing Strap should be loose on the conical nut.

    NOTE: The Reversing Strap will only function when the machine is manually reversed. It will catch on the Change Gear Box and stop the reverse rotation of the NP-600 brake assembly.

  10. Twist Jam Nut (NP-760-N) on the Connecting Rod

  11. Relpace spacers 5080-24 for Cam Shaft leaving out one Cam Spacer (5080-24-9)

    CAUTION: With Conical Shoulder Nut and Jam Nut LOOSE, SLOWLY jog machine through its cycle. Be sure Brake Band doesn't OVERTHIGHEN.

  12. If you are installing a NP-600-I Cam/Mechanical Iron Brake Band go to step 13.
    If you are installing a NP-600-B Cam/Mechanical Bronze Brake Band go to step 14.

  13. This step is to be used with the NP-600-I Cam/Mechanical Iron Brake Assembly.

    Run a coolant line to the brake. Both the Clevis Mechanism and Iron Brake Band must receive coolant before beginning to adjust brake.

  14. The NP-600-B Cam/Mechanical Bronze Brake Assembly does not require a coolant line. Use an oil can filled with 20 weight lube oil to lubricate the Clevis Mechanism and Bronze Brake Band at least once every 8 hours or as needed.

  15. To thighten Brake Band, let machine run empty and begin tightening conical shoulder nut until turret cams stop lunging or machine functions properly with a smooth rotation of the cam shaft

  16. Tighten Jam Nut (NP-760-N)

  17. Adjust the amount of coolant as needed to keep the NP-600-I Cam/Mechanical Iron Brake Assembly temperature constant

  18. THIS BRAKE RELEASES DURING HIGH SPEED INDEX. Loosen Hand Clutch only if it is excessively tight. This allows it to slip in the event of a smash up.