Standard Davenport® Replacement Parts

NP-100-R G II Wedge Chuck Assembly for Work Spindles & Burring Spindle
NP-100-2-R G II Outer Housing
NP-100-3-R G II Inner Sleeve
NP-100-5-R G II Pressure Collar
NP-400-R G II Matched Set of 9 Wedges
NP-100-4 Key 1/8" X 1"
NP-500 Plug Screws
NP-510 Assembly Screw
NP-28 Wedge Chuck Lubricant
NP-30 Wedge Chuck Grease Applicator Nozzle
NP-7584-Z Lubrication Applicator
NP-MB-635-13 Short Extension
5080-2103 Oversized Inner Spindle - 2 Slot
5080-2103-9 Oversized Inner Spindle - 3 Slot
NP-100-A Wedge Chuck Assembly for Work Spindles & Burring Spindle
NP-100-2 Outer Housing
NP-100-3 Inner Sleeve
NP-100-4 Key 1/8" X 1"
NP-100-5 Pressure Collar
NP-100-OSP Wedge Chuck Assembly for Burring Spindle .125" Travel
NP-100-2-OSP Outer Housing for Burring Spindle .125" Travel
NP-100-3-OSP Inner Sleeve for Burring Spindle .125" Travel
NP-MH-100-3 Spindle Bearing Front Nut
NP-119-2 Hand Wheel - Solid
NP-130-53 Independent Stop Block
NP-1217-38 Hand Wheel Shaft Bushing (1217-38)
NP-1232-66-4-2-CS Revolving Head Drive Shaft (Clear Shoulder)
NP-1232-66-4-2 Revolving Head Drive Shaft
NP-1232-75-8-5 Center Drive Shaft - New Style
NP-1232-75-9-1 C-Washer
NP-1263-10 Outer Burring Spindle
NP-1263-10-10 Outer Burring Spindle No Holes
NP-1263-A Burring Spindle Roll and Pin Replacement Kit
(Contains 2 pins and 2 rolls)
NP-1263-1-1 5th Position Cam Lever (burring spindle)
NP-1263-9-6 Collar Ejector Support
NP-1263-12-P Burr Spindle Pin
NP-1263-121-1 Ejector Rod Guide
NP-1263-121-2 Ejector Rod Lock Nut
NP-1263-13-R Burring Spindle Roll
NP-1263-14 Actuating Arm Shaft (Burr Spindle)
NP-1263-15-2 Tool Spindle Cam Shaft Extention
NP-1263-21 Cam Lever Fulcrum Long (5th Position)
NP-1263-21-1 Cam Lever Fulcrum Short (1st and 2nd)
NP-1263-93 Point Set Screw -.53 OAL
NP-1263-93-1 Point Set Screw -.43 OAL
NP-1263-105 Spindle Gear Nut
NP-1263-133 Spindle Aligning Gear Hub
NP-1266-10-1 Plate
NP-1266-14-2 Bushing - Burring Spindle
NP-1266-16 Bearing Retainer Pin
NP-1575 Key 3/16 X 5/8 X 1-7/8
NP-1761 LH - Saw Bracket Bushing
NP-1809 Adjusting Screw
NP-25 Wire Carrier Support Roll
NP-28 Wedge Chuck Lubricant
NP-200 Wedge Chuck Assembly for Hand Clutch
NP-200-1 Pressure Collar
NP-200-2 Outer Housing
NP-200-3 Inner Sleeve
207-ASMBLY Tapered Bearing for NP-MB-9 Shaft, Complete
NP-207-S-SA Strainer Cleaner Assembly
NP-2075-2 Rear Box Key - Tool Spindle
NP-2098 Outer Spindle
NP-2098-SA-100-T Std. (9/16") Outer Spindle w/Threaded Rapid Start Bearing
NP-2102 Oversize Outer Spindle
NP-2102-13-SA O/S Outer Spindle W/ Needle Brg. (13-76)
NP-2102-SA-100-T Oversize Outer Spindle W/ Threaded Rapid Start Bearing
2108-W Feed Tube Sleeve Washer O/S
NP-2117 Threading Change Gear Drive Pin
NP-2183-12-14 Collar Screw - 5/16-18 X 7/8
NP-2183-14-14.75 3/8-16 X 59/64" Square Head Collar Screw
NP-2183-14-20 3/8-16 X 1-1/4" Square Head Collar Screw
NP-2183-14-24 3/8-16 X 1-1/2" Square Head Collar Screw
NP-2183-14-30 3/8-16 X 1-7/8" Square Head Collar Screw
NP-2183-14-32 3/8-16 X 2" Square Head Collar Screw
NP-2183-14-34 3/8-16 X 2-1/8" Square Head Collar Screw
NP-2186-SA Tool Post Stop
NP-MB-227 Thrust Plate Threading (MB-227)
NP-2446-32 Sleeve
NP-2446-33 Nut
NP-2446-34 Bushing
NP-2446-35 Seal Plug
NP-2446-36 Adapter
NP-2485-4 Roll - Spindle Stopping Clutch
NP-2485-5 Roll Stud - Spindle Stopping Clutch
NP-2485-6 Roll Spacer - Spindle Stopping Clutch
NP-2486-2-P Clutch Body Pin
NP-2489 Clutch
NP-2489-R Clutch - Repair
NP-2490-5 Cutch Gear
NP-2717-18 Holder Shank
NP-2717-18-2 O/S Holder Shank
NP-2717-18-U Unfinished O/S Holder Shank
NP-2726-5 Sizing Tool Roll Pin 1-1/2" Long
NP-2726-5-1 Sizing Tool Roll Pin 2.0" Long
NP-2726-5-L Sizing Tool Roll Pin 2-1/2" Long
NP-2794-2-SA Setting Block gauge Assembly
NP-2794-2 Gauge Body Long
NP-2794-2-1 Gauge Body Short
NP-30 Wedge Chuck Grease Applicator Nozzle
NP-MB-38 Outer Plate (MB-38)
NP-MB-39 Thrust Plate (MB-40)
NP-300 Wedge Chuck Assembly for High Speed Clutch
NP-300-1 Pressure Collar
NP-300-2 Outer Housing
NP-300-3 Inner Sleeve
NP-300-4 Hi-Speed & Hand Clutch Lever Roll
NP-300-5 Hi-Speed & Hand Clutch Lever Pin
NP-328 Chuck Slide
NP-368-1 Bushing - Small
NP-368-2 Bushing - Large
NP-B-3841 Low Pressure Gauge
NP-MB-380-2 Support Ring
NP-MB-380-4 Revolving Head Support Ring (extended bed)
NP-MB-41 Compound Drive Gear (MB-41)
NP-MB-43-A Drive Pulley Assembly for Bijur Lube Pump
NP-MB-43-N07 Nut
NP-MB-43-P Drive Pulley for Bijur Lube Pump
NP-MB-43-TS Tapered Sleeve
NP-MB-43-W07 Washer
NP-400 Matched Set of 9 Wedges
NP-446-7 Bronze Slide for Feed Tube Assembly
NP-446-7-A Aluminum Feed Slide
NP-446-7-SA-SK O/S Ball Bearing Feed Tube Assembly - Solid Key
NP-446-10-SA-SK Standard Feed Tube Assembly - Solid Key
446-8 Sleeve for NP-7-SA-SK
446-8-1 Spacer
446-8-2 Washer
NP-B-4582 High Pressure Gauge
NP-459-SA Front Tool Arm Assembly
NP-459 Front Tool Arm
NP-459-HS Tool Arm Hex Screw 7/8" Long
NP-459-HS-L Tool Arm Hex Screw 1-1/4" Long
B-4588 Oil Line
NP-B4588 Oil Line and Fittings
NP-470-7 Latch Pin
NP-500 Plug Screw
NP-5021 Feed Slide Guide Square Bushing (5021)
NP-5069-1 Clutch Bracket Bushing (5069-1)
NP-5072-5-1 Revolving Head Support Ring Roll
NP-5072-5-2 Outer Support Roll
NP-5072-8 Thrust Nut
NP-5080-8 Clutch Body - Long
NP-5080-9-1 Clutch Body - Short
NP-5080-10 H.S. Clutch Bracket Bushing (5080-10)
NP-5080-13-G Revolving Head Cover Front
NP-5080-20-10 Rear Worm Wheel
NP-5080-22-10-K Cam Shaft Key
NP-5080-22-10-NB Cam Shaft Needle Bearing
NP-5080-22-10 Cam Shaft
NP-5080-23-2 Tool Spindle Cam Carrier
NP-5080-23-5 Tool Spindle Cam Carrier Key
NP-5080-24 1-3/8 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-4 1/2 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-9 3/8 Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-11 7/16 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-14 5/16 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-15 13/32 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-19 15/16 Tool Spindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-20 9/16 Tool Splindle Cam Spacer
NP-5080-24-S Short Tool Cam Lever Spacer
NP-5080-25-2K Tool Spindle Cam Shaft Extention Key
NP-5080-26-3 Cam Carrier Nut
NP-5080-27 Tool Spindle Cam Shaft Bolt
NP-5080-34-1 Locating Lever
NP-5080-35-1 Locating Cam Lever
NP-5080-35-1-S Cam Lever Screw
NP-5080-35-SB Cam Lever Screw Bushing
NP-5080-35-SS Cam Lever Set Screw
NP-5080-36 Locating Lever Roll
NP-5080-37 Locating Lever Roll Pin
NP-5080-389 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-5080-390 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-5080-42-3 Rear Slide Lever Fulcrum
NP-5080-43-FB Cam Carrier Braket - Fixed Bushing (5080-43-FB)
NP-5080-47-13 Front Cam Carrier Nut
NP-5080-47-15 Front Cam Carrier Key
NP-5080-48-2 Cross Slide Cam Lever Stud
NP-5080-49 Cam Lever Roll
NP-5080-50-H Quick Index Gear Hub
NP-5080-52 Cam Lever Roll Pin
NP-5080-54-SA 1st & 2nd Position Cam Levers
NP-5080-61 Worm
NP-5080-62-1 Slide Base - Front
NP-5080-62-P-SA Front Cross Slide Assembly - Ductile Iron with Wear Plate
NP-5080-63-P-SA Rear Cross Slide Assembly - Ductile Iron with Wear Plate
NP-5080-62-1-P Slide Front Wear Strip
NP-5080-63-1-P Slide Rear Wear Strip
NP-5080-63-1 Slide Base - Rear
NP-5080-66 Rear Tool Arm Connect Rod Pin
NP-5080-69 Front Cam Shaft - Long
NP-5080-70 Front Cam Shaft Bolt
NP-5080-71-1 Front Cam Shaft Sleeve
NP-5080-73-4 Front Cam Shaft Spacer
NP-5080-73-5 Front Cam Shaft Bearing Spacer
NP-5080-74 Front Cam Shaft
NP-5080-75-1 Locating  Cam
NP-5080-82 Front Worm Wheel (5080-82)
NP-5080-85 Quick Index Clutch Cam
NP-5080-85-DWSS Quick Index Clutch Cam - DWSS
NP-5080-86-4 Threading Clutch Cam
NP-5080-87 H.S.C. Bracket Bushing - Short (5080-87)
NP-5080-91-1 Front Cross Slide
NP-5080-91-1-SA Front Cross Slide Assembly
NP-5080-91-G-1 X slide Oil Guard
Front Cross Slide Gib
NP-5080-92-1-G Front Cross Slide Gib - Ground
NP-5080-93-2 Cross Slide Gib Screw
NP-5080-94-1 Rear Cross Slide
NP-5080-94-1-SA Rear Cross Slide Assembly
NP-5080-95-1 Rear Cross Slide Gib
NP-5080-92-1-G Front Cross Slide Gib - Ground
NP-5080-102-3 Rear Cross Slide Rod
NP-5080-106 Bronze Bushing (5080-107)
NP-5080-110-1 Driving Gear Bushing
NP-5080-114-1 Standard Clutch Roll
NP-5080-114-5 Oversize Clutch Roll
NP-5080-115 Change Gear Spacer
NP-5080-117 Hi-Speed Clutch Lever Pin
NP-5080-121-1 Bracket Arm Bushing (5080-121-1)
NP-5080-122 Idler Shaft
NP-5080-131-PADS Set Of 4 Wear Plates (for NP-5080-131-WP)
NP-5080-131-WP  Roll Clutch Body WP
NP-5080-134 Cam Lever Shaft Long (3rd and 5th Position)
NP-5080-135 Cam Lever Shaft Long (2nd and 4th Position)
NP-5080-139-1 Rear Worm Drive Shaft - Long
NP-5080-139-2 Rear Worm Drive Shaft - Short
NP-5080-140-2 End Worm Drive Shaft - Short
NP-5080-141 Starting Clutch Drive Shaft
NP-5080-162-10 Worm Wheel Spacer
NP-5080-166-2 Chuck & Feed Cam Roll Pin Nut
NP-5080-166-3 Chuck & Feed Cam Roll Pin - .625
NP-5080-166-OS Oversize Chuck & Feed Cam Roll Pin - .687
NP-5080-166-OOS Oversize Chuck & Feed Cam Roll Pin - .750
NP-5080-183-1 Handwheel Shaft
NP-5080-168 Quick Index Gear Nut
NP-5080-184 H.S. Clutch Fork Lever Stud
NP-5080-184-1 Clutch Stud Nut
NP-5080-187-SH-SA-1 Split Brake Drum Assembly - 1.00" Drum I.D.
NP-5080-187-SH-SA-2 Split Brake Drum Assembly - .962" Drum I.D.
NP-5080-187-SH-10 Split Drum Old Style 1.00" Drum I.D.
NP-5080-187-SH-20 Split Drum New Style .962" Drum I.D.
NP-5080-187-SH-B Brake Band
NP-5080-187-SH-30 5/16-18 X 6" Hex Head Tension Bolt
NP-5080-187-SH-40 Spherical Washer 2 Pcs
NP-5080-187-SH-50 Tension Spring
NP-5080-187-SH-60 5/16" Washer
NP-5080-187-SH-70 3/8-16 X 1-1/2" Socket Head Cap Screw
CBJ-OO Meter Unit
NP-5080-196 Eccentric Bushing - Locating Lever
NP-5080-202-1 Cam Lever Stop
NP-5080-203-1 Cam Lever Stop Spring Hold
NP-5080-215 Cam Lever Block Stud
NP-5080-216 High Speed Clutch Body Disc(conventional)
NP-5080-216-K High Speed Clutch Body Disc(long life)
NP-5080-219 Tool Spindle Worm Spacer
NP-5080-223 Rear Worm Drive Shaft Gear Spacer
NP-5080-226-12 Treading Clutch Lever Fulcrum
NP-5080-226-23 Intermediate Gear Shaft - Short
NP-5080-226-24 Intermediate Gear Shaft - Long
NP-5080-226-32 Threading Clutch Gear 28T
NP-5080-226-36-1 Threading Center Bushing
NP-5080-226-40 Shifting Sleeve Nut (.188 Wide)
NP-5080-226-42-1 Threading Clutch Shaft
NP-MB-5080-43 2" Threading Clutch Gear 16T (STANDARD)
NP-MB-5080-43-1 1" Threading Clutch Gear 16T (OLD STYLE)
NP-5080-226-46 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-5080-226-47 Ball Bearing Retainer Nut
NP-5080-226-49-8 Threading Shaft Collar
NP-5080-226-49-SA Threading Shaft Assembly
NP-5080-226-50 Threading Clutch Cam Lever Pin
NP-5080-226-108 Threading Shaft Extended Bed
NP-5080-227-4 Driving Clutch Gear Hub
NP-5080-227-5 Driving Clutch Gear Ring
NP-5080-239 Wedge Pin - Threading Gear
NP-5080-247 Geneva Motion Star Wheel Bushing
NP-5080-248 Geneva Motion Star Wheel Stud Sleeve
NP-5080-250-2-CSK Chuck/Feed Slide Guide - CSK (Old Style - NOWAK Improved fastening)
NP-5080-250-2-HC Heli-Coil
NP-5080-250-2 Chuck & Feed Slide Rail - Old Style
NP-5080-267-3 Outer Support Slide Rod
NP-5080-292-3 Chuck Lever Roll Throwout
NP-5080-292-3-M Chuck Lever Roll Throwout with No Crosshole
NP-5080-294-NSD No Slip Disk
Spring 11-1/2 Long
Spring 14-1/2 Long
Spring 11-1/2 Long
Spring 7-1/2 Long
Spring 9-1/2 Long
Spring 10-1/2 Long
Spring 6-1/2 Long
Spring 8-1/2 Long
Spring 6-1/2 Long
NP-5080-329-18A Lever Pin - Chip Conveyor
5080-2103 Oversize Inner Spindle - 2 Slot
5080-2103-9 Oversize Inner Spindle - 3 Slot
5080-2105-SK O/S Feed Tube Solid Key
NP-5080-333-1 Cam Carrier Bracket Bushing (5080-333-1)
NP-5080-346 Cam Shaft Outer Bushing (5080-346)
5080-375 Retainer
NP-5080-378 High Speed Clutch Large Fulcrum
NP-5080-381-8 Center Wire Carrier 1 3/8
NP-5080-381-9 Outer Carrier 1 3/8
NP-5080-382-8 Inner Carrier 1 3/8
NP-5080-389 Ball Bearing Retainer
NP-5080-389-BS Ball Bearing Retainer Bronze Sleeve
NP-5080-391 Ball Bearing Retainer Bushing (5080-391)
NP-5080-391-R Ball Bearing Retainer Rivet
NP-5080-400-3-5 Chuck & Feed Slide Rails - New Style
NP-5080-400-3-1-SA Lefthand Bracket & New Style rails and Support Ring
NP-5080-400-3-1 Lefthand Bracket & New Style rails
NP-5080-405 End Worm Shaft Washer
NP-5080-450-1 Tool Post Stop Eccentric
NP-5080-450-2 Tool Post Stop Eccentric - 4th Position
NP-5080-469 Starting Clutch Drive Shaft Washer
NP-5080-470 Allen Cone Point Set Screw
NP-5080-500-66 Guard Stud Collar
NP-5080-2217 Chuck Lever Extension
NP-510 Assembly Screw
NP-5132 Geneva Disc Gear
NP-5133 Revolving Head Gear
NP-5133-1 Revolving Head Gear Wear Size (.100 max.)
NP-5133-2 Revolving Head Gear Wear Sizr (.015)
NP-5133-S Fillister Head Screw
NP-5134-1 Geneva Motion Star Wheel
NP-5139-2 Chuck Closing Block
NP-5140-2 Cam Roll
NP-5141 Cam Roll Pin
NP-5144 Cam Roll Pin
NP-5145 Chuck Opening Cam Lever Shaft
NP-5146 Feed Lever Shaft
NP-5153 Cam Shaft Bushing Steel (5153)
NP-5158 Feed Lever Adjusting Block
NP-5159 Feed Slide Guide Adjusting Block
NP-5163 Feed Slide Guide Bushing (5163)
NP-5164-1 Feed Slide Guide Detent Plunger
NP-5166-1 Feed Slide Guide Detent Knob
NP-5167 Feed Slide Guide Latch Pin
NP-5172-5 Outer Support Slide Rod - Short
NP-5174 Feed Lever Roll Throwout
NP-5176 Chuck Lever Throwout Pin
NP-5176-1 Feed Lever Throwout Pin
NP-5178 Feed Lever Block Pin
NP-5180-2 Chuck & Feed Cam Index Roll - .625
NP-5180-2-OS Oversize Chuck & Feed Roll - .687
NP-5180-2-OOS Oversize Chuck & Feed Roll - .750
NP-5190 Starting Shaft Lever Pin
NP-5215 Feed Slide Guide Bushing - Square (5215)
NP-5286-36-P Drive Shaft Socket Pin
NP-5298 Retaining Cam Stud
NP-5336-3 Cam Shaft Bushing - Long (5336-3)
NP-5340-59 Front Turnbuckle Link Pin
NP-5340-59-S Front Turnbuckle Link Pin - Safety
NP-5512-1 Driving Clutch Body
NP-5512-1-R Rivet
NP-5540-82 Bevel Gear Bracket Bushing (5540-82)
NP-5540-154 Bushing
NP-5611 Driving Clutch Friction Disc (conventional)
NP-5611-K Driving Clutch Friction Disc (long life)
NP-5621-1 Adjusting Nut  (Driving Clutch)
NP-600-B Cam/Mechanical Bronze Brake Assembly
NP-600-I Cam/Mechanical Iron Brake Assembly
NP-623 Tool Spindle
NP-623-44 Tool Spindle Long Bed
NP-603 Wire Case Carrier Support Roll Pin
NP-624-1 Locating Lever Stud
NP-626-A-1 Spindle Change Gear Stud
NP-627 Tool Arm Stud
NP-MB-635-13 Short Extention
NP-639-1 Spindle Box Nut
NP-641 Chuck Adjusting Nut
NP-641-2 Chuck Adjusting Nut
NP-651-A-5 Drive Shaft
644-2-10 Feed Tube Nut O/S
644-2-11 Feed Tube Bushing Clamp Nut O/S
NP-671-1 Tool Clamp Ring
NP-672 Tool Spindle Collar
NP-682-A Tool Clamp
NP-682-B Tool Clamp Nut
NP-687-1 Tool Arm Nut - Thick
NP-687-2 Tool Arm Nut - Thin
NP-696 Tool Arm Stud Washer
NP-700 Bronze Brake Band
NP-710 Iron Brake Drum
713-1 Circular Tool Adjusting Worm (.375)
716-2 Adjusting Tool Plate
717-2 Tool Arm Plate
719 Circular Tool Clamp
NP-720 Brake Cam & Pos. Return Cam Pin
NP-724-1 Revolving Head Locating Block
NP-725 Positive Return Cam Pin
NP-729 Locating Lever Block
NP-730 Connecting Rod
NP-737 Tool Spindle Collar Screw
NP-739-1 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 1"
NP-739-2 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 1-1/2"
NP-739-3 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 2"
NP-739-4 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 2-1/2"
NP-739-5 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 3"
NP-739-6 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 3-1/2"
NP-739-7 Circular Tool Clamp Screw 4"
NP-740-1 Tool Post Stop Screw
NP-740-2 Tool Post Stop Screw - 4th Position
NP-741 Tool Post Screw
NP-742 Rear Tool Arm Screw 3-5/8
NP-745 Conical Shoulder Nut
NP-747 Feed Slide Roll Stud
NP-747-3 Pin
NP-748-1 Chuck Slide Roll Stud
NP-748-2 Chuck Slide Wedge Pin
NP-750 Reversing Strap
NP-759 Chuck & Feed Slide Roll
NP-760-N Jam Nut
NP-760 Cam Lever Roll
NP-761 Chuck & Feed Cam Lever Spring Screw
NP-765 Reversing Strap Conversion Strip
NP-767 Spindle Gear Screw
NP-770 Iron Brake Band
NP-775 Bronze Brake Drum
NP-778 Stationary Head Dowel Pin
NP-778-O .389 - .517 Stationary Head Dowel Pin
NP-778-OS .402 - .534 Stationary Head Dowel Pin
NP-778-OSM .478 - .610 Stationary Head Dowel Pin
NP-780 Clevis
NP-790 Iron Brake Band and Bronze Drum
NP-786 Tool Spindle Spring Plunger
NP-792-1 Tool Post Bolt - Rear
NP-792-2 Tool Post Bolt - Front
NP-792-3-1 Front Tool Post Bolt
NP-792-3-1-L Front Tool Post Bolt - 4"
NP-792-4 T Bolt
NP-7584-Z Lubrication Applicator
NP-7Y-1-1/8-A Nut, Washer, Tapered Sleeve Long
NP-7Y-1-1/8-TSL Tapered Sleeve Long for Tapered Bearing
NP-8-SA Revolving Head Assembly
NP-8-SA-OS Oversized Revolving Head Assembly
NP-8-SA-OS-WS Oversized Revolving Head Assembly - Wear Size Gear
(include Wear Size Gear NP-5133-1 or NP-5133-2 )
NP-8-SA-GL Revolving Head Assembly - Gravity Lube Channel
NP-8-SA-OS-GL Oversized Revolving Head Assembly - Gravity Lube Channel
NP-8-SA-OS-GL-WS Oversized Revolving Head Assembly - Gravity Lube Channel - Wear Size Gear
(include Wear Size Gear NP-5133-1 or NP-5133-2 )
NP-800 Eccentric
NP-800-3RD Eccentric for 3rd Position Burr Attach
NP-834-1-8 Slot Head Screw J-40 X 1/2
NP-834-10-6 1/4-24 X 3/8" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-8 1/4-24 X 1/2" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-10 1/4-24 X 5/8" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-12 1/4-24 X 3/4" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-14 1/4-24 X 7/8" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-16 1/4-24 X 1" Soft Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-18 1/4-24 X 1-1/8" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-10-20 1/4-24 X 1-1/4" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-A-11-12 1/4 - 28 X 3/4 SHCS (Socket Head Cap Screw)
NP-834-12-8 5/16-18 NC X 1/2" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-12-10 5/16-18 X 5/8" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-12-12 5/16-18 X 3/4" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-12-12-CF 5/16-18 X 3/4" Feed Slide Rail Fastener
NP-834-12-16 5/16-18 X 1" Fillister Head Screw
NP-834-A-14-12 3/8-16 X 3/4" Socket Head Cap Screw
NP-834-A-14-16 3/8-16 X 1" Socket Head Cap Screw
NP-834-A-14-32 3/8-16 X 2" Socket Head Cap Screw
NP-835-10-8 1/4-24 X 1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-10-10 1/4-24 X 5/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-10-12 1/4-24 X 3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-10-14 1/4-24 X 7/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-10-16 1/4-24 X 1" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-10-18 1/4-24 X 1-1/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-10-20 1/4-24 X 1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-10 5/16-18 X 5/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-12 5/16-18 X 3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-14 5/16-18 X 7/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-16 5/16-18 X 1" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-20 5/16-18 X 1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-24 5/16-18 X 1-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-32 5/16-18 X 2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-36 5/16-18 X 2-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-40 5/16-18 X 2-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-12-52 5/16-18 X 3-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-12 3/8-16 X 3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-14 3/8-16 X 7/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-16 3/8-16 X 1" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-20 3/8-16 X 1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-22 3/8-16 X 1-3/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-24 3/8-16 X 1-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-28 3/8-16 X 1-3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-32 3/8-16 X 2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-40 3/8-16 X 2-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-42 3/8-16 X 2-5/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-48 3/8-16 X 3" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-14-52 3/8-16 X 3-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-14 7/16-14 X 7/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-18 7/16-14 X 1-1/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-20 7/16-14 X 1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-24 7/16-14 X 1-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-28 7/16-14 X 1-3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-34 7/16-14 X 2-1/8" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-40 7/16-14 X 2-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-48 7/16-14 X 3" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-16-54 7/16-14 X 3-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-16 1/2-13 X 1" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-20 1/2-13 X 1-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-24 1/2-13 X 1-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-28 1/2-13 X 1-3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-32 1/2-13 X 2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-48 1/2-13 X 3"Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-18-54 1/2-13 X 3-1/2"Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-21-24 5/8-11 x 1-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-21-28 5/8-11 x 1-3/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-21-32 5/8-11 x 2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-21-36 5/8-11 x 2-1/4" Hex Head Bolt
NP-835-21-56 5/8-11 x 3-1/2" Hex Head Bolt
NP-836-4-8-11 10-32 X 11/16 Flat Head Socket Cap Screw
NP-836-4-12-16 5/16-18 X 7/8" Guide Rail Fastener
NP-836-8-8 J-40 X 1/2 LG Flat Head Screw
NP-836-A-14-16 3/8-16 X 1" Hex Set Screw
NP-837-HS-1/2 1/4-24-1/2 High Strength Screw
NP-837-HS-1 1/4-24-1 High Strength Screw
NP-837-2-6 H-32 x 3/8" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-10-6 1/4-24 X 3/8" Square Head Socket Screw
NP-837-10-8 1/4-24 X 1/2" Square Head Socket Screw
NP-837-10-10 1/4-24 X 5/8" Square Head Socket Screw
NP-837-10-12 1/4-24 X 3/4" Square Head Socket Screw
NP-837-10-14 1/4-24 X 7/8" Square Head Socket Screw
NP-837-10-16 1/4-24 X 1" Square Head Socket Screw
NP-837-12-8 5/16-18 X 1/2" Square Set Screw
NP-837-14-8 3/8-16 X 1/2" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-10 3/8-16 X 5/8" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-12 3/8-16 X 3/4" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-14 3/8-16 X 7/8" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-16 3/8-16 X 1" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-18 3/8-16 X 1-1/8" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-20 3/8-16 X 1-1/4" Square Head Set Screw
NP-837-14-24 3/8-16 X 1-1/2" Square Head Set Screw
NP-838 5/16" X 7/8" Hard Pin
NP-838* 5/16" X 1-1/2" Hard Pin
NP-838-3 5/16" X 1-7/16" Hard Pin
NP-838-4 5/16" X 1-5/16" Hard Pin
NP-838-6 5/16 X 1-3/4 1/2Hard Pin
NP-838-7 5/16" X 1" Hard Pin
NP-838-8 5/16" X 1-9/16" Hard Pin
NP-838-16 5/16" X 1" Hard Pin W/Flat
NP-838-17 5/16" X 2" Hard Pin W/Flat
NP-838-18 5/16" X 2-3/8" Hard Pin
NP-838-28 3/16" X 25/32" Soft Pin
NP-838-33 5/16" X 1-1/8" Pin
NP-838-67 3/16" X 5/8" Soft Pin
NP-838-69 3/16 X 3/4" Soft Pin
NP-838-81 5/16" X 13/16" Hard Pin
NP-838-83 5/16" X 1-1/4" Hard Pin
NP-838-88 1/2" X 1" Soft Pin
NP-838-B-6-4 3/16 RD X 1/4 LG Brass Pin
NP-838-SP-6-8 3/16 X 1/2 Spring Pin
NP-838-SP-8-6 Pin: Spring .250 Dia. X .375
NP-839-4 Flat Head Screw
NP-839-32 #5 X 1-1/8" Taper Pin
NP-839-33 #5 X 1-1/4" Taper Pin
NP-840 10/32-3/8" Allen Cap Screw
NP-840-RE-4 3/4" Internal Retaining Ring
NP-840-1-13 5/16-24 Check Nut
NP-840-1-19-1 1/2-20 Check Nut
NP-840-10 1/4-24 Hex Nut
NP-840-12 5/16-18 Hex Nut
NP-840-14 3/8-16 Hex Nut
NP-840-18 1/2-13 Hex Nut
NP-840-20 9/16-12 Hex Nut
NP-840-21 5/8 Hex Nut
NP-840-23 3/4-10 Hex Nut
NP-840-F-19 1/2 Nut
NP-840-F-24 3/4-16 Hex Lock Nut
NP-841-5 5/16" Washer
NP-841-6 3/8" Washer
NP-841-7 7/16" Washer
NP-841-8 1/2" Washer
NP-841-9 9/16" Washer
NP-841-10 5/8" Washer
Connecting Link Spring
Cross Slide Spring 7-3/4
NP-843-2-6 3/16 X 3/16 X 3/8 Key
NP-843-TH Threading Mount Key
NP-843-4-16 1/4 X 1/4 X 1 Key
NP-843-7-38 Key 3/16 X 5/8 X 2-3/8
NP-848-B Block (848-W)
NP-850 Washer
NP-897-1 Chuck Adjusting Washer
NP-936 Spindle Internal Gear
NP-941 Spindle Change Gear Collar
NP-946 Spindle Gear
NP-9-27 Stationary Head
NP-9-27-OS Oversize Stationary Head
NP-CB2521T Motor Conversion Base
NP-M38 1/4-24 Tap
NP-MB-226-4 Threading Clutch Sleeve
NP-MB-9 Drive Shaft - Long
NP-MB-9-16 Drive Shaft - Long - Extended Bed
NP-MB-226-5 Threading Clutch Sleeve Nut
NP-MB-226-8 Shift Sleeve Nut (.288 Wide)
NP-MB-226-10 Shifting Sleeve - Long
NP-MB-226-10-1 Shifting Sleeve Bushing - Long
NP-MB-226-9 Shifting Sleeve - Short
NP-MB-226-9-1 Shifting Sleeve Bushing - Short
NP-MB-226-160-2 Clutch closing Ring
NP-MB-226-160-3 Clutch Collar
NP-MB-226-160-4 Steel Ball .3438 Dia.
NP-MB-226-6 Adjusting Nut
NP-MB-226-W Threading Wedge Set
NP-MB-226-2-4-W Adjusting Sleeve
NP-MB-226-2-4 Adjusting Sleeve (standard  - ball threading)
NP-MB-994-P Front Bearing Housing Pin
NP-MB-226-TSN Torque Stud Nut
NP-MC-2124 Revolving Head Thrust Ring
NP-MC-2125 Ring Pin
NP-SNP-1 Serial Number Nameplate
NP-SNP-PUMPS Serial Number Plate - Pumps
NP-UDR-1 Drive Rivit