Wedge Chuck Assemblies & Component Parts

NP-100-A Wedge Chuck Assembly for Work Spindles & Burring Spindle
NP-100-2 Outer Housing
NP-100-3 Inner Sleeve
NP-100-4 Key 1/8" X 1"
NP-100-5 Pressure Collar
NP-100-OSP Wedge Chuck Assembly for Burring Spindle .125" Travel
NP-100-2-OSP Outer Housing for Burring Spindle .125" Travel
NP-100-3-OSP Inner Sleeve for Burring Spindle .125" Travel
NP-200 Wedge Chuck Assembly for Hand Clutch
NP-200-1 Pressure Collar
NP-200-2 Outer Housing
NP-200-3 Inner Sleeve
NP-300 Wedge Chuck Assembly for High Speed Clutch
NP-300-1 Pressure Collar
NP-300-2 Outer Housing
NP-300-3 Inner Sleeve
NP-300-4 Hi-Speed & Hand Clutch Lever Roll
NP-300-5 Hi-Speed & Hand Clutch Lever Pin
NP-400 Matched Set of 9 Wedges
NP-500 Plug Screws
NP-510 Assembly Screw
NP-28 Wedge Chuck Lubricant
NP-30 Wedge Chuck Grease Applicator Nozzle
NP-7584-Z Lubrication Applicator


NP-MB-635-13 Short Extension
5080-2103 Oversized Inner Spindle - 2 Slot
5080-2103-9 Oversized Inner Spindle - 3 Slot

The major reason for the tremendous success of the Wedge Chuck System is the patented Rocking Wedge as illustrated below. Please note the angles and radii which permit them to rock free.

This patented wedge in conjunction with rigorous process and quality control of the remaining conponents create a precise working and long last Wedge Assembly. The Wedges are manufactured by the precise process offered by the powered metals industry. The remaining components are made of hardened bearing steel.

After meeting stringent quaulity standards, the components are carefully assembled, greased, and packaged as a unit for immediate shipment. Technical advise on the installation and function of our product is only a phone call away.