Feed Shear Pin Assembly - Exchange Gear



NP-5080-126-16 Hub
NP-5080-126-15-E Gear - Exchange
NP-5540-96 Bushing - Bronze

Bushing - Hard

NP-5080-126-19 Shear Pin

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  1. Loosen 5080-192 Feed Change Gear Arm Clamping Stud and disengage either
    5080-128 Upper Idler Gear(30-60 compound) or 5080-129 Lower Idler Gear
    (24-72 compound) from the Feed Change Gear

  2. Remove 840-F 3/4 - 16 Nut and 5080-405 Washer

  3. Pull 5080-122 Shaft from 5080-1 High Speed Clutch Bracket to expose
    end of shaft

  4. Remove 5080-126 Idler Shaft Driven Gear

  5. Install Feed Shear Pin Assembly NP-5080-126-15-SA-E/N using
    843 W-11 Woodruff Key NP-5080-126-15 Gear facing towards 5080-1
    High Speed Clutch Bracket

  6. Push 5080-122 Shaft and NP-5080-126-25-SA-E/N Feed Shear
    Pin Assembly back into 5080-1 High Speed Clutch Bracket and reinstall
    5080-405 Washer and 840-F 3/4 - 16 Nut - tighten

  7. Reengage Upper or Lower Idler Gear with Feed Change Gear

OPTIONAL: Drill 1/2(.500) diameter hole in 5080-1 High Speed
Clutch Bracket in line with NP-5080-126-19 Shear Pin for easy Shear Pin
replacement - see Diagram above

Caution: A more substantial (stronger) Shear Pin shall not be substituted for
NP-5080-126-19 Shear Pin. Users who substitute a stronger Shear Pin do so
at their own risk.