Modified Wedge Threading Installation Instructions

Do not disassemble this unit upon removal from the special foam carton. 

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For NP-MB-226-160-SA remove the existing threading spindle, and safely secure away from the work area.

For NP-MB-226-160-SA- R remove the existing threading spindle, clean and place it in the special foam carton and return to Nowak.
  1. Install the wedge threading spindle, it fits the same as the old ball type spindle.
  2. The bijur restrictor for the lube line that goes into the end of the spindle and feeds  the center disc clutches must be changed to a  FJB 4 (provided) and must be checked to make sure it is working, or rapid clutch failure will occur.All of the other restrictors should be checked and replaced if they are not working, to eliminate damage to the wedge spindle and not void the warranty.

        CAUTION: The turnbuckles both bottom and top will have to be adjusted.
    Start with the lower one with the clutch in the closed position.  The wedge system is slightly different than the ball system.  Next disconnect the lower turnbuckle and adjust the top turnbuckle until the front clutch opens and closes properly.  Do not over travel the clutches as possible damage could result.
  3. Before reconnecting the bottom turnbuckle set spindle torque using NP-MB-226-TSN locked into the threading spindle with the set screw collar, and Torque wrench. Set the torque wrench to 35 ft./lb. and place it on NP-MB-226-TSN.  Lock the threading clutch gear so it can't rotate.  Pull the torque wrench.  The clutch should slip just under 35 ft./lb.  Adjust the tension until it does.  Then lock in the other clutch and repeat the procedure.  This torque adjustment is critical. Checking the tension by hand will not allow for proper clutch adjustment.
  4. Reconnect the lower turnbuckle. Slowly cycle the machine, checking the throw of the spindle clutches, making sure they still have some movement in them at the end of their travel.Set the spindle gears for 1500 RPM.  Check the spindle for proper lubrication and possible over heating.Run the spindle for one shift or about 8 hours.  Let the spindle cool down over night.  Check the torque again and adjust accordingly.  The spindle is now ready for service.  Recheck the torque in three days.  The clutch facings take time to break in.  The frequency of adjustment will be dictated by the RPM., type of threading method and the size of the thread.
  5. Affix NP-MB-226-TAG  Adjusting Caution Tag, to the threading attachment casting, with a  7/32drill x3/8 deep(4)
    and (4) NP-UDR-1 Drive Rivits. See placement location

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                                          U.S. Patent #  5,269,543