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With the NP-8-SA revolving head, we provide the our Davenport customers with the only alternative source for purchasing a replacement revolving head for either a machine rebuild or the bore and band procedure.


The NP-8-SA-OS allows you to bore the carriage (up to 8.8500), determine the size, and contact Nowak with your requirements. Nowak will custom manufacture an NP-8-SA-OS to your specifications. To complement the oversize revolving head Nowak offers a unique service. For machines that qualify we bore the carriage oversize and install the revolving head. The nature of the patented Nowak boring process assures exact alignment of the ability and repeatability in production



The gravity lube channel will be machined into the O.D. of the Revolving Head on the centerline of the five bearing lubrication holes. Lubrication will still occur in the fourth position with the same Bijur metering unit. The size of the five bearing lubrication holes in the head will be slightly reduced in size. The reduction of the lube hole size will assist in redirecting the lube oil onto the O.D. of the Revolving Head and into the gravity lube channel. Gravity will force the excess lube into the channel, which will the consistently provide lubrication and extend the life of all five spindle bearings. The most significant benefit of the gravity lube channel will be that the lube oil will be forced by gravity into the first & second positions that experience the heaviest work loads form the front and rear cross slides. The gravity lube channel will not increase the amount of lube oil required to operate the machine.



NP-5133   Revolving Head Gear 




Revolving Head Support Ring 




Revolving Head Cap


Geneva Disc Gear


Fillister Head Screw-Soft



Revolving Head Locating Blocks


Locating Lever Block


3/8-16 X 3/4'' Socket Head Cap Screw


3/8-16 x 2'' Socket Head Cap Screw 



Spindle Internal Gear



Revolving Head Thrust Adjusting Ring


Spindle Gear - 30T 


Revolving Head Ring Pin











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