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Used Attachments


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Part No. Description
MB-226-SAC1-U Threading Attachments (New Style) Wedge Threading
MB-226-SAC1-CO-U Threading Attachment (New Style)
1232-79-U Center Drive Shaft Gear 30T - Used
1244-100-SA-U Transfer & Slotting Attachments
1244-100-SA-U Transfer & Slotting Attachments

Used Body Countersink & Stop Bracket

1287-100-SA-U Slotting Attachment 3rd Position
1321-SA-U Cross Drill Attachment 4th Position
1373-SA-U Crosstapping Attachment 4th Position Cross
1374-SA-U Drill Attachment
1374-1-U Used 4th Position Cross Drill Base
1383-100-SA-U Sawing Off Attachment
1390-50-SA-U Straddle Mill Attachment 4th Position Thread
1421-SA-U  Roll Attachment Third Position
1431-SA-U Thread Roll Attachment 4th Position
1440-SA-U Crossdrill with Inside Countersink Attachment
1448-SA-U 2nd Position Thread Roll Attachment
2496-57-SA-U Spindle Stopping Clutch
5080-226-22-U Used 40T Gear For Threading Attachments
5080-226-3-U Used Threading Attachments Complete (New Style)
5080-226-6-U Used Threading Clutch Cam Lever
5080-226-62-U Used Threading Bracket Guard
5080-226-7-U Used Threading Clutch Fork - Left
5080-226-8-U Used Threading Clutch Fork - Right
5080-272-U Used 4th Position Cross Slide Mounting Bracket
5080-281-27-SAU-U 4th Position Cross Slide Bracket Used
5080-329-1-U Used Chip Conveyor Screen
5080-329-51-U Used Ratchet Housing
5080-329-52-U Used Rear Tooth Holder
5080-329-53-U Chip Conveyor Double Action - Used
5080-329-54-U Used Cam Lever Single Action
5080-329-U Used Chip Conveyor Single Action
5080-330-8-U Used Housing Ratchet
5080-86-U Used Threading Clutch Cam
MB-226-55-U Used Threading Clutch Lock
MB-230-U Used Threading Attachment Top (Old Style)
MB-233-U Used Cover Stationary Head Guard for Threading Unit


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